Our Shop, Your Shop

One of the things I always wanted for potential customers, and one thing I suppose I am always looking for myself when I walk into anyone’s doors, is a place where I can actually belong.

It may sound corny, it may sound cheesy… but why do we settle for any less in life?

I believe in small business because I believe in the power of belonging. As in most personal relationships, we are attracted to people for various reasons, and we need all kinds of personalities and shapes and sizes in order to establish networks of belonging. Although I might not be a good “fit” for you, you might LOVE a mutual friend we share. This type of networking develops molecular style connections that encourage connection across the board- and it’s these types of connections that create our communities.

For me, small business = connection. It encourages people to be a part, to belong to something bigger than themselves, and to take ownership of their own community. As we move forward together as a community, I know it’s not all standing in a circle, holding hands, and singing “Kumbaya”. We’re going to fight, we’re going to disagree… and we aren’t all going to feel connected to each other.

Small businesses offer points of connection that allow us to be who we are while still being connected to the whole. My favorite recent example is shown in the image above. A young customer of ours included us in her recent homework, and let me tell you, it was the BEST thing I’ve seen in awhile! This little one, thinking of us while at school meant the world- and it meant the world because she knows she belongs at our shop. She likes us. She fits in. And it brings her happiness. What more can you ask for as a business owner?

Whether you come to our shop or any in Galesburg, know that our shared vision is a better community, full of life, and full of connection. You do belong. Your place is out there. We welcome you to make our shop, your shop.



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